Good Old Fashioned Games

We were blessed with a lot of table games this Christmas. Mikail is so much fun to play games with now because he’s actually ‘getting it’. Olivia is still learning to take turns and is also learning not yell ‘I’m WINNING. I’m WINNING!!!!’ after every turn, even if she is not winning. And then when she loses? Oh the drama and tears. But she will get it eventually and we just keep on trying.

Do you play games at your house? No, I’m not talking, Wii or games on the iPad. I am talking old fashioned table games.

All of our games are still packed in the trailer, but we received many this Christmas and we love them all. Here are the ones we’ve been playing a lot (which is all of them-ha):

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Candy Land

Don’t Break the Ice

Go Fish (but this isn’t just regular Go Fish – you have to match sets of 4, not just 2)

And we just may all go a bit crazy while we play. Just maybe:

I think Mikail is ready to play ‘Sorry‘. I can hardly wait. I love that game.
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