God-wink – An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer.


This past March we had to make the difficult decision to put down our Golden Retriever-Labrador Retriever cross due to severe epilepsy that wasn’t responding to medication. We had had him since Olivia was two years old and she was about to turn 10 years old. Her cousins bought Tika for her after Mikail passed away and Tika was a true therapy dog for Olivia. After Tika passed away we all couldn’t imagine having another dog, yet we could also see that Olivia missed having a special furry friend to be her companion and keeper of secrets. We didn’t realize how much comfort Tika brought Olivia, until he was gone.

In November we started looking at different animal shelters for options, but couldn’t find what we were looking for. Then I learned that friends of ours had a litter of cocka-poos on November 4th (my friend Sunny’s birthday) and this checked almost all of our boxes. I’d follow their growth on social media and fell in love with little ‘Kevin’. He was just so sweet and looked completely different than the others in the litter. The one criteria that we couldn’t budge on was a big deal, so I just loved him from afar, knowing God would provide Olivia with a little companion at the right time, and Kevin would go to the home perfect for him.

Weeks passed and I had truly surrendered it, when I received an unexpected message from our friends, making ‘Kevin’ available to us. Eeeeek. We could take him home at the end of December if we wanted! Coincident? I think not. God-wink? I think so. An astonishing answer to prayer. What makes this extra special is that ‘Kevin’, who is now ‘Oakley’, was born on November 4th–Sunny’s birthday and we would pick him up on December 31st–the day that Sunny passed away. Sunny had a dog–Itsy– who brought her joy and comfort for many, many years, so it just feels like such an incredible God-wink, having ‘Oakley’ join our family today. I love seeing a new little sparkle in Olivia’s eye.

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