My new happy place

Yesterday I had to go to a hospital 45 minutes from our home. Nothing serious, just an ENT Specialist  appointment regarding the hearing loss in my left ear. Turns out my body created too much calcium during my pregnancies, causing calcium build up in my ear, calcifying an ear bone, causing 60% hearing loss in that ear. Officially it’s called otosclerosis and there’s a simple surgery that will fix it, replacing the damaged bone with a prosthesis. I can’t wait to hear again.

That’s the side story though…the important part is that I stumbled across an antique market.  I only had thirty minutes, so I only scratched the surface. 
Check out the eye candy:

Rusty maple syrup goodness. 

Not sure what it was about this lamp that drew me in to take a picture.

This table must become a night stand in our house. And the roaster? Huge! Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. YES!

Yup. These must come and live with me too. MUST.

Oh the canned goods that would be stored in here? And perhaps a few shelves would turn into a wine rack. 
I must return soon and spend hours at this market. 
It’s my new happy place. 

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