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The Hope of Spring

Where we live Spring doesn’t truly arrive until April and May. I find the month of March the most challenging. It’s nice enough to be outside and go for walks, but the snow, ice and water make this more difficult. In the past we often went on a warm holiday in March to help fend off the winter blues. This year that is not possible.

What IS possible is that we can create little pockets of joy in our home to remind us that the hope of spring is just around the corner. We aren’t in a season of life where I can just go out and buy new spring decor, but what we can do is go shopping in our own home. Dig through your storage boxes, repurpose something you find in the shed or garage. Move decor you already have out, around to a different spot in the house. Change up the throw blankets in the living room. There are so many ‘free’ options out there to help us find little pockets of joy in our homes.

I like to decorate the top of our piano and we still had a string of beads for Christmas cards, and a garland of valentines hearts hanging above the piano. Time for those to be put away. I found an old white frame in the garage, to lean up against the wall. I then hung a canvas photo in the framed area, got $4 tulips at the grocery store and placed each one in a milk glass bud vase (all thrift store finds). The clock stays because we need it there, and the basket of books just had a plant put on top of it. Simple. Cheery. Inexpensive.

Another thing I find difficult in the month of March is meal planning. I don’t want to cook, shop or bake, so to not have to think about ‘what’s for supper?’ is so wonderful and helps to have the joy of being in the kitchen return. I took my Mom’s idea of making a 6 week menu to loosely follow and I think I am going to love it:

What do you do to help cheer the heart while you are waiting for spring? I’d love to know.