The Trail to the Tree

It’s no secret, really, I love the writing of Ann Voskamp. I find it refreshing to read quality writing that has truth, joy, hurt, and healing all mixed together. I have found much inner healing about this thing we call Christianity, in her words (or perhaps the Truth God is showing me through her?).

Starting today I am going through her 17 day Easter Devotional called Trail to the Tree. You can find more information about it HERE. The e-book is free when you subscribe to her blog and you can print it off or just read it on your device.

In addition to lingering on scripture, prayer and applying these things to life, she uses classical art from the great masters to create ornaments for a simple Easter Tree. I love this. I love tying the great truths of old together with art and music.

So, today as I sit down, candle lit, music playing softly, I mull over the story of the great fall. I am left so thankful for God’s crush of satan. Because of this great act I have no reason to hide from Him. Regardless of what great sins have entered my life. There is NO reason to hide. I can shout out, “Here I am!”

I hear Him walking beside me as the rush of spring melt flows down the path. I see Him in the great Canada Geese flying north. All signs of hope. New beginnings. New birth.

I listen to songs of praise. I meditate on David’s poetry as a candle flickers a light of hope into my little world.

And I start this walk,

This hike,

Sometimes this slow painful crawl,

Down the Trail to the Tree.
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