Parenting Your Spirited Child: Mini Series

Here it is!

My next little mini series is ready.

Every child is precious in his or her own way. Some children are ‘easy’ babies, children and teenagers. Others are a bit more of a challenge.

Mikail was a classic ‘easy’ baby or ‘textbook’ baby when it came to temperament. This has carried on into toddler-hood too. He is easy going and likeable. A pleasure to hang around. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t challenge us as parents. He has his moments too. Who doesn’t?

Olivia is a classic ‘spirited’ or ‘strong-willed’ child. She has challenged us to levels we didn’t know we could be challenged in her short 15 months. I imagine that this will continue on in the years to come. It’s been difficult. Really difficult. BUT we have made a breakthrough in our understanding of her and I really wish that there had been a Mama or Daddy out there who had shared their experiences with their spirited baby and toddler so I didn’t feel like we had to bear this road alone.

I am going to be that Mama. I am going to spend the next seven days sharing what I am learning about our precious spirited Olivia and also what I am learning about myself in this steep learning curve experience of parenting a spirited child. All of the things I am learning are working great for Mikail as well, but it doesn’t take the effort with him that it does with Olivia. So, if you don’t have a spirited child, please don’t run away. I think you may find a tid bit here or there that may be helpful to you as you raise your child.

Join me, won’t you? Here at the blog and also at my brand new page on Facebook for Living in the Moment. See the badge on the sidebar of the blog and be sure to ‘like’ me 😉

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