Connecting During a Pandemic

It’s getting old, isn’t it? This having to physically distance ourselves from others. It’s been almost a year of it and we are all weary of it. Pandemic fatigue they call it: Feeling restless, irritable, changes in eating and sleeping habits, lacking motivation and sometimes even withdrawing from socializing with others. I know I have felt each of these symptoms at different times. One thing I really noticed is that withdrawing from socializing has a very negative long term effect on our mental and spiritual state. Yes, we are asked to physically distance, but this does not mean we have to socially distance. We just need to change how we do things and that takes some creativity. Our pastor said it well this past Sunday:

“[We are living] in a season that requires a different approach.” ~Pastor Travis Hansen

Yes, this is getting old, but we can do it…our approach just needs to change.

What are some ways we can connect with each other during a pandemic?

  1. Call Someone Pick up the phone and actually dial someone’s number and call them. This is not my favourite. I’ve never been one to love making or taking phone calls, but I’m learning the value of this type of daily interaction.
  2. Use Technology. Facebook–FaceTime–Skype–WhatsApp–Google Hangouts–Zoom, texting. There are so many options for us to connect.
  3. Join or start a virtual book club where you meet online once a week or twice a month to discuss a book you are reading together. We really enjoyed a marriage book study this past year and looked forward to our weekly Tuesday night time together with others.
  4. Go for a walk. Enjoy the trails or the park.
  5. Check on your neighbours. Knock on their door and see how they are doing.
  6. Attend a virtual class. This is something I just recently started attending and it was so enjoyable to learn something new in an area of interest.
  7. Go into your front yard, if you live in town. It’s amazing how the neighbours more often than not come outside as well because we are all hungry for social contact with other humans.
  8. Re-connect with your own family. Teach your kids to cook, play games, do a puzzle, learn a skill together, shovel snow.
  9. Write letters. The old fashion, buy an overpriced stamp and pop a card in the mail for someone. It will make their day. Nothing like getting a letter in the mail that isn’t a bill.
  10. Drive bys. Drive by a friend’s house and have a socially distanced visit from your vehicle and maybe drop off a container of cookies or a loaf of bread.

Now, what about kids? The above ways to connect with their friends works as well, but sometimes they need something specific to focus on:

  1. Have a Zoom dance party.
  2. Write to a pen pal.
  3. Go on a neighbourhood scavenger hunt.
  4. Go for a walk with friends.
  5. Play games online.
  6. Complete a drawing tutorial together on Zoom.
  7. Go tobogganing, hiking or snowshoeing.
  8. Drop a craft off at a friend’s house and arrange a time to get on Zoom or Facetime together to complete the craft.

What are some ways you are choosing to connect with others during the pandemic. I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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