When Doors Close All Around Us

I think we have all found it frustrating when certain doors in life close. We don’t understand it. It may make us uncomfortable and fill us with a bit of fear because of the unknowns we are left with when doors are closed. I felt this acutely this past year when doors kept closing all around us. I am learning that sometimes God closes doors because it is time for us to move on. Perhaps from an unhealthy situation or unhealthy relationships; perhaps further into His will; perhaps simply into a season of growth and deeper faith.

I am learning that to do so means that I have to find strength and courage I didn’t think I had, but by leaning into my faith I am learning that this strength and courage comes from my God. If I am not careful, I find myself filled with fear and discouragement sinks in.

The amazing thing that I keep coming to is that God is with us wherever we go. We have no reason to fear or be discouraged. Well, perhaps according to ‘the world’ we do, but according to the One who loves us and wants the best for us, we have nothing to fear. He has our best interest at heart and is for us, not against us. As we enter a season of healing from unhealthy situations or relationships and as our faith grows, we slowly start to see that we are entering a holy place of being further into His will for our lives. This shift in thinking makes all the difference.

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