It’s a Big Deal!

This is a life long lesson, I think. To commit our ways to the Lord. Human nature has it that we each try to figure things out all on our own, bypassing the trust we should have in the Lord. To commit our ways to the Lord means that He will establish our ways. How many times have I gone my own way trying to establish my own plans? Many. This doesn’t mean that we just sit back idly and expect God to do it all. No, we are still expected to do our part. Seeking wisdom and committing our ways to Him, being obedient in the small things, because obedience in the small things is a big thing to God.

The Lord directs our steps, 
so why try to understand everything along the way? 
 Proverbs 20:24 (NLT) 
It’s the waiting that is so hard. We aren’t patient people, are we? We want to understand the big picture now, not in hindsight. And then, what if in the waiting, God asks us to do something out of our comfort zone? Something that means we have to take a true step of faith? God will establish our plans, but we must also be ready to take the risks that come with these amazing plans He has for us.
This committing our ways to the Lord thing? It’s a big deal. Are you ready for that? Am I?

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