Kingdom First & Heaven Minded

Over the past few months I’ve really been thinking about living life here on earth when the longing for heaven is deep.

There have been a few times when the conversation of heaven comes up and usually I keep my thoughts quiet, but sometimes I pipe in and say, heaven can’t come soon enough. Jesus come quickly. Not in a suicidal sort of way, but in a there’s so much more to it all than life on earth. This is only the beginning. I am usually met with looks of shock and thoughts of what about all of the people who don’t know Jesus yet? Our work on earth is not done. I realize that not everyone has a deeply close tie to someone in heaven. The pull towards heaven is clearly not there for everyone. It wasn’t for me, prior to January 23, 2015. I now feel like I have one foot on earth and one foot in heaven.

I’ve come to the place where I am okay with this. To be somewhere in between. And maybe this is actually the place we are called to be. Why not have a Kingdom First perspective while being Heaven Minded? Why not see the present in the light of eternity? Doesn’t it all become meaningless if we don’t? After all doesn’t Colossians 3:1 say,

“Set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God”

And it goes on to remind us not to miss the importance of a heaven-centered life,

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things [alone].”

No, we shouldn’t stop ‘living’ here on earth because we long for heaven. That’s not it. But isn’t there something about being heaven-minded for earthly good? Living a life that reflects a Kingdom First perspective in the very place that we are at the moment, with heaven mindedness amidst this perspective. After all, isn’t this life on earth only the beginning?

This thought was solidified to me when I heard Olivia ‘read’ Heaven is for Real to her dolls. The book is too difficult for her to read just yet, but this is what I heard her ‘read’ as she looked at the pictures:

Heaven is the most beautifulest place ever. 
The streets are golden and there’s no sadness.
Only joy. Big joy.
Jesus very, very loves children 
and Jesus very, very loves you.
He died on the cross for me and you 
so we can live in heaven together forever and ever,
but first we have to stay here a little longer
because God has a job for us to do.
An important job. We need to show people Jesus’ love.
Jesus very, very loves children.

Kingdom First.

Heaven Minded.

 Courageously yours,

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