My big hearted little girl

Sometimes the big heart of my little girl blows me away.

Last summer she came home from Day Camp one day and told us she wants to grow her hair, then cut it, and send it away so that someone could make a wig for a little girl who lost her hair because she was sick. 
So she grew her hair and today it was finally long enough to cut and donate:


And now she starts the process again. 💗
My Mama heart is filled with joy and so is the cancer survivor part of me. 
* * *
We have chosen to donate to Hair 360. It’s Canadian and affiliated with the Canadian Cancer Society. The wigs are made FREE for recipients under age 19. Each recipient’s wig is custom made according to their colour, length and style preferences. Each recipient has a say in the wig made for them. And the biggest thing for me in choosing Hair 360 is that it’s all done by volunteer professionals. It’s not a money maker. They are truly there to help kids in need. How cool is that? 

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