Choosing Strength Amidst the Mess

As I sit here on our deck, enjoying a beautiful spring morning while having my quiet time, I’m tempted to post the above picture to my social media accounts. Sunny. Beautiful. Idyllic. And it’s true, but reality also shows that if I look to my left, things aren’t perfectly put together:
There’s toys strewn about, cushions out of place, hornet spray on the coffee table, and insecticide on the fake fireplace ‘hearth’. 
My cute vintage looking patio lights are tangled on the chair, waiting to be hung, and the deck needs a paint job. 
Our “Gather” banner is all wind blown and there’s still a sled out behind the love seat. 

And me? I’m definitely not ‘selfie ready’. I just spent 30 minutes push mowing the front yard. I’m a sweaty, no make-up wearing, grey hair overtaking, pasty skinned, mess. 
But as I read this morning, God is reminding me that He is here to fill me up with His presence. I may be tempted to focus on the hot mess around me and the difficult life-path we walk that’s draining me of my strength (and adding grey hair daily?? 😉). But this morning I choose the beauty and am grateful for the strength He gives us when we feel weak and messy. When we are tired and weary. I cling to the hope that is renewing our strength and helping us to soar like eagles. 
From Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. 

1 thought on “Choosing Strength Amidst the Mess

  1. Anita

    Thank you for showing us your real world. And not only the \”picture perfect\” Pinterest worthy ones that so many do. We all need to realize that each of us are a hot mess from time to time. And that it's ok….



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