Building a Bridge of Healing with the Broken Pieces of our Hearts

This morning I was early for an appointment, so I made my way to the river for a bit of solitude on this beautiful November morning. As I was sitting there, thinking about the myriad of heaviness in our lives right now, I asked God when things would start looking up, instead of more hurt and brokenness being added to our already heavy hearts. Of course I didn’t hear a voice answering, or a neon sign showing me our future, but my phone lit up and caught my attention. There was a quote by Ann Voskamp:

A smile threatened to shine through my broken hearted tears when I read this. I’d just been thinking, “How much more can my heart break? And how can I be strong for others when I’m so broken?” It’s so tempting to just blurt out a piece of our mind, when in truth, that is not the most helpful. I sat there under that bridge that connects two countries and I wondered whether healing can take place with all this brokenness? Are we willing to allow healing to take place? Can the broken pieces of our hearts build a bridge of healing? I sure hope so. I so badly need it to. 

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