Simple things from the past, bring simple joy to the present

I’ve always had a big pull towards antique and vintage finds and if an items happens to come from mine or Jason’s family, it has an extra special meaning to me.

In February I was ‘home’ for a visit and Auntie Viola and Uncle Marvin came for lunch one day. She brought with her, 7 flour sack tea towels that were liquid embroidered by my great grandmother. Auntie Viola wondered if I would have any use for these. Would I ever!! They would be perfect to use to cover my dough bowl and rising buns and bread when I make bread for our family.

A truly treasured gift, being used in our kitchen on a weekly basis:

A beautiful addition to the aprons I have that were my grandma’s:

It doesn’t get better than gingham, lace, and shirring, does it?

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