Sometimes He Speaks Through the Clouds

It’s one of those grey, gloomy winter days at our house today. The snow squalls off Lake Huron are making our world a winter wonderland, yet with it come the clouds.  I was sitting at our kitchen table looking out at the river, thinking it sure looks gloomy out there, when the clouds broke and a pocket of sunshine smiled down on me. It was so short-lived that it was gone by the time I picked up my camera to capture it. Yet, it was there. For a moment.
It reminded me of the glimpses of hope we have these days. They may be seldom and short-lived and difficult to capture, but they are there and I am so thankful for those moments.
Often I glance at the paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 1:9 on the wall beside our computer and what great hope it gives me.
It’s my prayer that you look for these glimpses in your life too. The do the soul good.

He is forever faithful!

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