Kisses from Heaven

Sometimes there are moments when we feel like we are forgetting him.

What did he look like? His hands? His feet? His sweet cheeks and charming smile? His walk and his talk. His jokes and his giggles.

They seem to disappear.

And then we panic. We can’t forget.

We beg God for a sign that we will be okay. That he is okay.

Sometimes there are no visible answer to our pleas and sometimes we are given a holy kiss from heaven, like today when Olivia looked out the kitchen window as I was making supper and exclaims:

Mommy! I think God went up to Mikail and asked him to paint the sky pink for me!

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2 thoughts on “Kisses from Heaven

  1. Unknown

    That's the sweetest! We have been struggling to remember Brent's mon who passed away may 2014. Shelby is trying to hold on to her memories with grandma the best she can… I agree with Olivos. Mikail was behind that pink sky, just for her!



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