Back to School

First day of Jr. Kindergarten. September 2014

I didn’t label school supplies last night, or pack his lunch, or triple check his backpack to make sure he had everything.

I didn’t lie awake wondering how his first day of SK would be.

I didn’t walk him to the bus stop and wave goodbye while swallowing my tears.

I didn’t count down the hours until I could hear about his day.

I didn’t hear his Daddy give him the “you are strong and brave and I’m proud of you” back to school talk.

Instead, his Daddy happened to see his best friend get on the bus this morning.

Instead, I rejoiced that he’s in the best school ever, with the most amazing teachers surrounding him, playing on heaven’s playground.

Instead, I prayed for his classmates and their parents.

Then I let my heart crumble and the tears flow until I thought I’d never breathe again…

but then I did.

And the tears stopped. Like they always do.

Until the next time. And the next. And the next.

Excited to start school. September 2014.

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1 thought on “Back to School

  1. Unknown

    Your blogs open a piece of my heart that only those who lost a child can understand. As the tears stream down my face from reading this I ask God for peace for you, for me and every mom out there missing their precious angel right now. God Bless you Iris ❤



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