The worst kind of homesickness

Have you ever been homesick? Missed home, or someone you love so deeply that it hurts? You ache to be home or with that person?

I have been homesick for my family, my childhood home, my husband…

None of it compares to the homesickness that comes with grief.

Today it hits hard.

Today marks six months since Mikail went home to heaven, and I’ve come to the conclusion that missing him is the worst kind of homesickness I have ever experienced. The lure of heaven has never been sweeter.

Six months. That’s half a year. In that time winter turned to spring, and spring into summer. Changes have happened all around us and when I think that six months have passed by, I can hardly believe it. The months have flown by, but oh how the days drag on and on and on. How can it be that the days are long but the months are short?

We miss you beyond belief, buddy! We are thankful for the bits of beauty that come along to comfort us at the perfect times. Lately it has been beautiful dragonflies landing near us when everything feels like it’s too much. Fireflies in the evenings as we sit outside and enjoy the summer nights.  And how could I forget the breathtaking butterflies that flutter into our little part of the world, reminding us of the excitement and awe you had for everything in life.

The butterfly waiting for J on his office door one morning this week.

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