We did it! It took a lot of work and a lot of prayer, but we did it with God’s help! We bought a house!
We got our closing date before May 1st, which is huge since the house we are in right now is being demolished in May. After leaving Alberta in June of 2014, we will finally be home and ready to unpack our moving trailer on April 24th. Ten months later.

We are very excited to finally own a home again. We love that it is big enough to host a lot of guests whether it is just for the day, the night, or a longer period of time. We are very excited that it is so near Lake Huron and that it is on a river where we can dock a boat and head out to the waters of Lake Huron in mere minutes. As with everything that is exciting these days, we look at this new home and the yard and the river and are filled with such sadness. Mikail would have loved this place the most of all of us. He loved to fish and would have spent hours casting and reeling his line in from the banks of the river or from the dock. He would have loved the bonfires we’d have by the river. There’s so much he would have loved about our new home. So although we are excited to finally be ‘home’, there’s a tinge of sadness to it all (as there is with most things these days).

(photos are from the MLS listing found here until it is removed from the website)

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1 thought on “Home

  1. CityCowgirl

    Congratulations! Looks amazing! The backyard is a beautiful outdoor oasis! No doubt you will make use of it. Be it hosting a get together, sharing a glass (or two!) of wine at the end of the day, or a peaceful quiet time alone with Him, The One who created these things for us to enjoy. All the best as you move to your new place.



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