Our Family Tree Canvas

 (click on photo to enlarge)

I’ve been dying to post about this here, but I had to wait until Christmas was over, so as not to spoil any surprises!

This Christmas I had the opportunity to have several pieces of custom acrylic canvases painted as gifts. I went to high school with Cheryl, the artist, and although it’s been about 20 years since we’ve last seen each other, I vividly remember her talent even way back when.

She made several of these personalized family tree canvases for us and we had one made for ourselves too. I love the detail of one bird flying towards heaven, to represent our first baby that we never got to meet this side of heaven. Such a beautiful inclusion.

She has many other original abstract paintings available to purchase in her Etsy Store as well as custom order options. Colour selection (I sent her a picture of a painting we already had, that I wanted it to compliment in colours and she took it from there), adding personal details, and communication while she is working on the piece, is outstanding. Please go check her work out at Picturesque Folk Art.
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