The world of Octobers

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
(“Anne Shirley”)
That is what I keep telling myself when the weight of the world seems to press down on my shoulders.

I look at the beautiful autumn hews and choose to embrace this beautiful season and not lament the one that comes after it – the hard cold winter ahead.

 I dream of more evenings out on the dock.

 I dream of magical sunsets painted by a famous artist who was thinking specifically of me when He placed those colours in the sky.
And I know that even though a cold harsh winter is upon us, this famous artist will paint His beauty on the landscape of His world once again. Just for me. Because in these paintings, He knows I see the bigger picture of beauty and miracles that I tend to forget when the sadness of the world weighs on my shoulders and I threaten to see it all in black and white…missing out on so much.

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