"Flowers" for him…

Every now and again my husband goes out to buy me flowers. I love it. It actually happens more often now, because if he is shopping with Mikail and Mikail sees flowers, he will often say ‘We should buy Mommy some flowers.’ Sweet boy is learning from his Daddy, that’s for sure.

Jason is a gift giver. It’s one of his love languages. If I am having a challenging day at home with the kids, he knows just what to do to make it better and often it is in the form of a little gift. Nothing extravagant, but a gesture of love none-the-less. Jason is such a ‘go with the flow’ kind of guy that he doesn’t have challenging days very often. That has changed since we have moved. This new job is challenging him in new ways all.the.time.

Our roles have changed lately. I am now the encourager. I have the opportunity to consciously lift him up, encourage him, and carry him when needed. I say ‘consciously’ because I have to remember to do this. I have to remember to get up at the crack of dawn to make his lunch, pray over him, read the Word with him. Each of these things have become essential in our house these past months. It’s amazing how ‘downhill’ our day goes when I sleep in and we don’t have this time together. His work day starts at 7 a.m. so we are up e.a.r.l.y!

The last few times that I needed to order something from Amazon, I needed to choose an extra item or two to get the free shipping. Funny how it is cheaper to buy another item and get the free shipping than it is not to buy the item and pay for the shipping. Jason loves his music. It lifts him up and encourages him so much. When I have had to place these Amazon orders I sneak in a CD or two that I know he will enjoy. I place them on his pillow or on his dinner plate for him to discover after work. They are my ‘flowers’ for him.

I love seeing the joy on his face when he discovers these small gestures of love.

What are some ways you lift up and encourage your loved ones? I need more ideas.
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1 thought on “"Flowers" for him…

  1. Cynthia Duck

    I change his background pic on his cell to a pic of me (bc i usually hate this), buy him his favorite smoked pork/sausage, prepare his place at the breakfast table at nighttime so that when he gets up in the morning all e has to do is sit down, i pick out his clotes and set them out where he dresses in the morning, have the kids draw a picture of him as pretty as possible



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