Everyday Miracles

 And just like that summer is ending and fall is beginning.
 And somehow we have become acclimatized to the warmer temperatures in our new surroundings, because yesterday it was 22 degrees Celsius while we had our picnic, and I was ccccold. Jason laughed because 22 degrees was a hot day to us when we lived up north. 
 It’s been a rather challenging start to our move here.
No regrets. Just challenging. 
These picnics and walks have given us much joy and inspiration.
Such an economical way to ‘get out’ and explore our world while spending time together as a family.
 Looking for the tiniest hint of God’s everyday miracles and beauty around us.
And we always find them.
In nature…
 …or in a mixture of man’s innovations and God’s creation.
In the wonder of our children as they discover the world around them. 
“Mommy, me need to feel the grass, okay?”
And it’s in these moments where the simplicity of life reminds us that everything will fall into place. In His time. 
We wait.
And as we wait, we look for the everyday miracles and beauty around us.
Somehow using the lens of my camera helps me to zoom into those everyday miracles and beauty in a way that my naked eye seems to miss.

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