Dry Mixes ~ A Mini Series to Start off September

September is here.

Part of me finds that sad…only because that means summer is over.

The other part of me loves the start of routines.

I love routine. I just do.

It makes things seem predictable and under control. I was a teacher for a decade, so to me September is my true ‘new year’. I buy calendars that start in September, not in January because my internal clock runs from September to September.

One thing I love about this time of year is the fall foods and preparing meals that help our week run smoothly. In the past I have come across and perfected (to our taste) a few dry mixes. I can buy organic spices free of MSGs or other additives that are harmful to our particular stomachs and make them in bulk, saving us money in the process.

This week I would like to share a few recipes of dry mixes that have become staples in our kitchen, have kept our stomachs happier, and are budget friendly.

First I went to the dollar store and got a few storage containers. These were found at Dollarama and screw shut for a good seal. They come in various sizes for various needs. The ones you see in the above picture are the smaller size.

I have also found cute printable labels that will eventually be printed off and stuck onto each jar, but as of now our printer is still packed away, so thin masking tape and a sharpie are my way of labeling.

Do join me this week as I share a few recipes with you.
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