FAMILY REDEEMER. Ruth: Waiting on God’s Timing (Week 4 Saturday)

Well, here it is: the last day of this four week study on the book of Ruth. I know many of you got busy or it didn’t work out technologically wise, but I’ve enjoyed the interaction via email and comments as they happened. I hope your eyes were opened in new ways, as mine were, when studying this book. It always amazes me how God can use the same story and speak to different people in different parts of the world, on different journeys, in different seasons of life, through the same story, but in such different ways. I love that! God is truly amazing.

Message of Hope: Waiting patiently on the Lord is often hard for us, but it is worth the wait.
Heart and Healing

1. Who do you admire most in this story: Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, Obed the baby boy, or the women of
the town? Why?
2. What part of today’s story or the entire book of Ruth has been hard to understand?
3.How has God functioned as a family redeemer in your life?
Remember, waiting patiently on the Lord is often hard for us, but it is worth the wait.

Our weekend is a busy one again, so I am answering these questions the night before this get’s published.
1. As for admiration, it is so close for me. Boaz, Ruth and Naomi each hold admiration for me. Boaz is a man after God’s heart and I find that so admirable. Ruth truly strives to be a woman of virtue and I really look up to women who strive to be virtuous in the eyes of God. Naomi is a generation older than I am and I love the example she is to the younger women. I love how she takes care of her family. Her wisdom and ability to not give up, yet be human in her questions towards God.
2. I really had to research the history behind the book of Ruth to understand the story better, so that took some time. I never quite understood the concept of the Family Redeemer and have come to a much better understanding of it through this story.

3. God has functioned as a family redeemer in my life. Over and over again. I am nothing without Him and time and time again, I fail in my walk. I come to His feet again and again asking for forgiveness and again and again He forgives. He is my redeemer on a daily basis. What an amazing Grace this is.

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