How are things really going?

It has been four weeks since we left our home in Grande Prairie.Through this whirlwind of a move, everything has fallen into place. We sold two homes. One while on the road, via text and documents sent from hotel lobbies. We made it across the country with a cell phone that was on its last leg and only worked when plugged in. Our Spirited Girl contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease as well as Impetigo somewhere along the way and had major trouble with her eczema all at the same time. Oh the pain she was in.  Upon arrival in Ontario we were dismayed at the results of the provincial vote, making us question our move to a province in such great debt and its voters continuing to vote in that same direction.
Through this and so much more, we walked in peace, knowing that God has paved the way for us. We have been unable to find rent in Exeter or the surrounding area. We need a month to month lease where children are allowed. Nothing. Jason stayed in the local ‘Inn’ as well as at the B&B the first week and is now into his second week in a bachelor pad above the local Apothecary (I love that the Pharmacy still goes by this old time name for drug store). The kids and I are staying at the farm 2 hours away. We were finally able to find a basement suite in town and are able to rent it month to month. We move in on Saturday.
We are clothed, we are fed, Jason has a job. The basics of food and shelter are in place and perhaps that is enough, but oh how we long to be together as a family under one roof. The two of us aren’t cut out to be separated. We do life together. We raise our kids together. We have fun together. We discipline together. We laugh together. We cry together. We celebrate together. We love better when we are together.
So, there are moments where we question our larger than life dream of having an acreage in the country. There is nothing available that fits that larger than life dream of ours. Does that mean that God has a different dream for us that we haven’t wrapped our souls around yet? There are so many options. We would love that acreage where I could start a B&B someday and Jason could do his farm boy things. Yet, there are many houses in town that are for sale that would lend themselves to a perfect B&B. Is that what we should ‘settle’ for? Or what about that house that needs a little work? Do we go the renovation route for a year and build up our nest egg to buy that dream property at a later time? So many possibilities, but where do we go? What do we do?

For now we will wait. We are getting pretty good at that. We waited four years to move here, we can wait a bit to find our forever home. For now, we will enjoy being together as a family unit again. We will explore our new world-the beaches-the farmers markets-the drives in the country-the antique stores and all those flea markets I have been dreaming of. And I am pretty sure it will be a great summer. There may be tears in the transitions, but it is okay to stop and let them flow from time to time. Change is hard. Change is good. Often the best things in life aren’t easy, but oh so worth it.

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