When God gives you a hug in His God way

I’ve been having abdominal pain and nausea for a while now. Probably almost two years, but it was this past September that I finally went to the doctor and asked for help. It’s been a long, slow process where I have felt unheard. I’ve been treated for Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining due to acid reflux-reflux which I don’t have) and this hasn’t sat right with me because there is a lump that gets bigger when I eat.

Finally, two months ago I was told I would have an endoscopy to see what is going on in my stomach. The medications I have been given have not helped at all and I was desperate for some answers. I was super nervous about the procedure. The idea of having a tube put down my throat to take a look in my stomach and then have a biopsy taken internally? Eww. Thankfully a couple of very caring people in the medical field explained the procedure and my sedation the day before the procedure. I slept fine that night. A miracle.

When I got to the hospital, waves of panic were right there at the surface. I kept repeating my forever favourite scriptures that have calmed me in hospital situations before: I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’  and The peace of God, which surpasses ALL understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

As I lay there in the procedure room, the doctor was dictating his notes facing away from me and when he turned around, I recognized him as going to our Church. Wow! Within a couple of minutes I find out that he is good friends with the doctor who walked with me during my fight with cancer 16 years ago (and performed my cancer surgery), 2000 km away. Small world? I think not. Just God’s way of giving me a hug and saying that all will be okay.

Within the next two minutes the doctor listened to me when I said that I had a lump that cannot be felt when lying down (something my family doctor ignored) and found it. Just like that. And diagnosed me with a periumbillical hernia. Just like that. A quick exam and a quick diagnosis. How did my family doctor miss this? Due to pregnancies, my abdominal muscles have separated which means my stomach is not staying where my stomach should be staying. Hence the lump that I am able to push back into place. Eww.

The doctor went to talk to the surgeon in the next room and he said he would perform my surgery. Yay. Another 8 week wait or so, but things may be moving faster than that because I already have a consult appointment with the surgeon. I am praying that it will be faster than 8 weeks. I am ready to be pain and nausea free.

I am so thankful for these moments when God gives me a hug in His God way.
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