Life and Peace

People have always said that I am such a patient person. Every time those words are uttered, I shutter.

It’s just not true. I have often thought, If only you were in my mind. Quiet does not always mean patient. What goes on in my mind is not patience. Not at all. At times it would put me to deep shame, should the thoughts in my mind be broadcast for all to hear.

This character flaw is proving to be quite the challenge as a parent. I have to work on it every. single. day. Every. single. hour. Sometimes every. single. minute.

I do find comfort and challenge in the following words:

The mind governed by the flesh is death, 
but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.
Romans 8:6 

When my mind is filled with impatience and negativity, I am speaking death. Through the Spirit I am able to have speak positive words and patience. Love and grace. Joy and thanksgiving. Those are the things I want to encourage in my children. Those are the things I want to govern my life.

This, however is a daily. Hourly. Minute by minute. Second by second choice.

Sara Young states it so eloquently, Long after you have learned the discipline of holding your tongue, your thoughts defy your will… (Jesus Calling, 116)
Dear friend, if you are struggling with patience today ~as I am~ take heart. We are on this journey together. Allow your mind to be governed by the Spirit. It’s a constant choice we have to make, because we are human and we are going to fail, but we have to keep trying. We just do. For the sake of ourselves. For our children. For our family. For our co-workers. For human kind. We must keep trying.

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