Potty Training: Day Three

At the end of Day Two, I reminded Olivia to call us at night if she needed to go pee. She didn’t call us until 7 a.m. I rushed into her room and whisked her off to the bathroom. She was DRY!! WOOT!! We did a happy dance, got her sticker, and she got her 3 M&Ms (yes, at 7 a.m.).

The rest of the day shocked me. There was one time in the morning where she told me she had to go pee and when we went, her underwear was slightly damp. We talked about how that was okay, that she was learning to hold it and this just meant that she started to pee, but knew how to stop and wait until she got to the toilet. THAT is what BIG girls do. She soaked it in and the rest of the day she came to tell me when she needed to pee and she did every single time. She was dry after her nap as well.

She was doing so well that I thought we would venture out for an hour. She had a pull-up on and I told her to tell me when she had to go pee. Well, on the drive home, she had to go. Bum hurts, Mommy!! I was sure she would have a wet pull-up by the time we got home, but she was dry. Dry!

The biggest challenge is that she is not pooping in the toilet yet. She is content to poop in her pants. I am hoping she sits in it one of these days and that THAT sensation will encourage her to poop in the toilet instead. Will see. She tells me Stinky, Mommy and runs to the change table (note to self: remove the change pad from her room) to get changed. I take her to the toilet and drop the poop into the toilet so that she sees that that is where it belongs. Will see how tomorrow goes. She did not like that today. She wanted me to change the stinky in her room.

I am seriously blown away. I know that tomorrow can be completely different and that’s okay. I am just proud of how quickly she is catching on. Let me say right away that it has nothing to do with me. I am doing very little different than I did with Mikail and it was much, much more difficult with him. Lots of tears from me and lots of frustration for him. I don’t know what it is that makes it easy with one and more difficult with another.

More on Day Four tomorrow…
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