Potty Training: Day Two

Day two of Potty Training arrived and we started off with a very, very heavy pull-up and tears from Olivia because her bum hurt, she said. I rushed her to the bathroom and set her on the toilet. After a bit of coaxing she peed.

The rest of the morning was confusing to me. She never fully peed to leave a puddle, but her underwear was always wet when I took her to the bathroom and she wouldn’t pee. By 11 a.m. she was crying and saying her bum hurt. Finally it hit me. She is holding it and her bladder is so full that it hurts.

I took her to the toilet, sat her down and we talked about that hurt feeling and how that means there is lots of pee that needs to come out. That it is okay to let the pee go into the toilet. And she did. Peed like a racehorse. Woot!!

For her nap I put a pull-up on and she woke up saying her bum hurt. We went to the bathroom and she peed to ‘get rid of the hurt’. Her pull-up was dry! Double Woot!!

The rest of the day she told me when she had to go to the bathroom. Sometimes she had to go, other times she didn’t and we just sat and read stories.

At bedtime I took her to the bathroom and told her to call me if she had to go pee at night time.

Stay tuned for what happened in the morning…
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