Potty Training: Day One

Monday came along. Day One. I hid all the diapers and showed her the pull-ups (we used cloth training pants with Mikail but are not this time around. We loved them for Mikail, but they are way too big on Olivia and we aren’t investing in more at this point. Mikail was 10 lbs heavier than Olivia is at the same age). We talked about how the pull ups are for big girls for night time and for when we go in the car or truck. I got all of her underwear together, a package of wipes, all of her socks, and a see through container of treats and I made a sticker chart. I made a pee station in the dining room. Books, potty, the box of underwear, wipes, socks, treats, etc. I used the timer on the microwave and took her to the potty every 20 minutes. No success. Always a puddle somewhere in the house. Mikail and I were chasing puddles all morning as though it was a game. At around 11 a.m. she informs me that she won’t pee on the potty. She wants to use the toilet. Potty away, she tells me. I take it down to the basement and move everything to the bathroom. DUH!! Why would she pee in the dining room if everyone else she knows pees on the toilet in the bathroom. Come on, Mom!!

 So, around 11 a.m. she peed in the potty and then right after her nap she peed in the potty again. Her pull up was wet, but I didn’t care. Daytime training is the goal here. Not sleep time or nighttime training. Besides, she peed in the toilet right after her nap. Awesome!

On Day One she peed on the potty zero times, on the floor countless times, and on the toilet twice. Doesn’t sound too encouraging, but I haven’t told you one thing. She started the day secretly peeing somewhere in the house away from me. By the end of the day she would tell me she peed and run to the bathroom to sit on the toilet. Then she would show me where the puddle was. That is progress. As

parents we need to look at each little step as progress and go over the moon with excitement about it in front of the kids. Encouragement is huge.

Stay tuned for Potty Training: Day Two
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