Our Easter Tree

I have never done the ‘Easter Tree’ thing before, but this year I was really struck with how much we celebrate Christmas and how much goes into the celebration of Christmas. We don’t put that much effort into Easter. Why not?

To me it seems we should treat these two times of the year equally. We celebrate Christmas…the arrival of Jesus into the world, yet it is what happens at Easter ~ that completely selfless act of giving up life so that we have the opportunity for eternal life. This is the celebration of grace beyond our understanding.

Shouldn’t Easter be as big as Christmas? It does make me wonder.

So, this year I trudged through the deep snow to the pussywillow tree and Mikail and I cut off a few branches, sticking them in a vase of water in the hopes that the very tightly closed buds would eventually open up.

I headed to Michaels and purchase two little packages of Easter decorations and we were set.

Along with the Easter egg (representing new life) decorations, I am hanging an ornamental copy of the art of the great masters as I journey along the Trail to the Tree. Each day Mikail asks me about the art on the ornament and we pull out his Bible and read the story or watch the story on the kid’s Jesus Storybook Bible DVD. It’s been amazing to see his interest in the art and the story behind the art.

What a journey it is, this Trail to the Tree. Loving it.

(And yes, every day the pussy-willows are slowly opening up. So beautiful!)
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