A Healthy Marriage Amidst the Noise of the World

Several times in our marriage I’ve heard people say that time to yourself is selfish. That time away as a couple is selfish. That in generations past this was not an option. It wasn’t needed. Marriages did fine without breaks.

I recently came to my own conclusion on this. I may be way off, but here we go anyhow:

  1. God
  2. Husband
  3. Children
  4. Everyone and everything else

If this is how I prioritize my life, which I do, then time alone (with God) and time with my husband is extremely important.

In addition to this, we are living in the age of technology ~ the information age.

When I was born, less than 40 years ago, my parents sometimes waited months to receive a hand written letter from family or friends. Now, with the click of a few keys on a computer or phone, I can reach family and friends across the world in seconds.

The information age is great in this way and so many other ways as well. Yet, at the same time, we are bombarded from all sides with the “noise” of this new world we live in. I love how Courtney Joseph puts this:

Voices. They come at us from every side.
We listen to the voices on the iPad. The iPod. The iPhone. 
But are we listening to the voice of the great I AM?
Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph

It is very easy to get caught up in life and not take care of our relationship with God, but also our relationship with our husband. Sometimes our career seems to take precedence. Sometimes it’s our children’s needs that seem to trump everything else. They shouldn’t, but the reality is that they do.

Jason and I have made the best of things, as best as we know how. We have dates out once in a while. We have dates at home, after the kids are in bed. We work on our communication skills. But in the end, we sometimes find that we just need to get away. And we haven’t. Not since before Mikail was born. That is four years where I have not slept a night without children needing me. Not that I didn’t want to, because I did. Badly.

It was time.
Time to get away.
Just us.
And we did.

Jason’s parents stayed with the kids and we took off to Jasper National Park and stayed at a resort in the mountains.

It was beautiful.

And just like every other trip through the mountains we’ve taken, it was cloudy and I couldn’t take the photos I dreamed of taking, but it was beautiful and relaxing and romantic and rejuvenating for our marriage regardless.  And THAT was the point.

We live in a new era. With things coming at us from all directions, take the time to keep your marriage healthy and alive. It’s important. Essential.
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