Dreaming Big: Hope and Confidence

For me, the hardest thing about dreaming and believing that my bigger than me but possible with God dream will come true, is me doubting it all. I struggle with that deeply right now. Our family has a big dream right now and it seems impossible, but we believe with our whole hearts that it is a promise that God has placed on our hearts. So far no doors and no windows have opened for this dream to come true, but we are holding onto our faith. 

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

We have faith.
We have confidence.
We have hope.

When God places a promise on our hearts we have to believe that it is going to happen, no matter what. God is bigger than any obstacle in the way. He is going before us and preparing the way, fighting our battles, and making things happen in our favour. Even though at the moment we cannot seem to see it for ourselves.

On days like today when one phone call or one letter would set our dream one more step forward into motion, we get a phone call and a letter leaving us no closer than before. It can be very discouraging. It IS very discouraging, but I am learning to think about how big my God is, not how big the problem is. I am learning that God has brought us this far and He’s not about to abandon us now. I have seen His miraculous favour in the past and He will do it again in my future. Amidst all the disappointing news, I am learning to claim Hebrews 10:35:

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

It is so important to look beyond the circumstances that are holding us back in the moment. Believe for God’s best, because He has promised it. The enemy would love for us to lose hope and confidence. That is his goal. He doesn’t want our dreams to be able to take root. God places our dreams within us as seeds and just as in a garden, the seeds need to take root to be able to grow and flourish. The inner work has to happen first before we see the fruit of our labour on the outside. We have to have faith, hope and confidence that our dreams will come true. An unshakeable confidence.

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