Book Review: Wife After God ~ Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband ~ A 30 Day Devotional

Wife After God is a God inspired devotional written by Jennifer Smith of Unveiled Wife. I must admit, I was leery ordering this devotional. So many devotionals about marriage and relationships leave me feeling guilty and uninspired instead of uplifted, challenged and inspired. Yet, after reading her blog for a while, I had a feeling she was onto something. I knew this devotional would be different from the minute I opened it up.
Jennifer Smith encourages women delve into their innermost being in regards to relationships. Not only our relationship with our husband, but first and foremost our relationship with God. I love, love, love how she talks about the weaving of God’s love story with our own. The whole concept of how God is our first love and should remain our first love. She encourages us to draw closer to God in order to have a more intimate relationship with our husband.
Before I go on and on, let’s get to the basics first. When you open up the book, Jennifer walks you through one way of getting the most of this devotional. She encourages the reader to read the scriptures she has found as the basis of the purpose to the devotional. She then encourages us to get out our Bible because it is through the Bible that God speaks to us. Then she encourages us to journal. There is space in the devotional for this, but if you are like me, you will need more space then what is provided. And maybe you don’t need more space and that’s fine too. Each person is different and that is the beauty of this devotional. It leaves so much room for each of our differences, the different places our marriages are at, and the beauty in these differences.
Each of the thirty days of devotional readings are set up the same way:
Focus Verse ~ encourages us to open our Bible and get into the Word.
Thought ~ real life experiences interwoven with scriptures
Prayer ~ a prayer to read as our own prayer.
Challenge ~ a task to challenge us in your marriage.
Status Update ~ a status update for us to share in social media
Journal Questions ~ deep questions to help you delve into becoming a Wife After God.
What I love about this set up is that every part of the devotional is deep, powerful, and challenging. There is no sugar coating, yet at the same time there is no condemnation. She writes from a real-life perspective with real-life challenges we meet on a daily basis as women in a real-life fallen world, wishing to become all that God desires us to be as individuals and wives. Everything written is to encourage, challenge, and improve us as an individual as well as a wife. And it is done with the Word of God backing everything that is written. As we draw closer to God there is huge potential for our marriage to become more intimate, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
I have been blessed as a woman yearning after God as I have gone through this devotional. Jason and I have been married for just over five years and in these five years we have had our challenges, one of the biggest ones being this past year as we have been learning and growing as parents with the very different challenges our children Mikail and Olivia bring with them, yet wanting our marriage to remain intimate. Truthfully that has been a struggle. We are so tired at the end of the day with all of its demands behind us that the effort to take care of our marriage, spiritually, emotionally, and physically has suffered.   
Taking care of our own spiritual needs and becoming more intimate with God has made all the difference. It’s true ~ the more intimate we become with God, the more potential there is for intimacy in our marriage.  The demands of our family and life in general hasn’t changed, but the strength we are finding in God gives us the energy and the desire we need to take care of our marriage, leading to more intimacy on all levels.
*     *     *
I encourage you to find out more about Wife After God here.
Are you ready to order your copy of the book?
It is available at 
Amazon  dot ca 
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