Quiet Books

I have shared with you the sewing talents of my Mom before. She is truly amazing whether it be sewing with a sewing machine, quilting or knitting. She does it all and it’s just beautiful! When I was little my Mom made each of us kids a ‘Quiet Book’. They were fabulous. Now that there are grandchildren, she has made each of the grandkids a quiet book as well and already Mikail loves his. The work that went into these is unbelievable. The details are beyond what I could ever imagine doing myself. Each book is slightly different and Mikail’s cousins books are all different as well. Amazing. I have been wanting to share their quiet books with you for some time and today I finally got them out and took some pictures:

Oma and Mikail working on the barn page that has finger puppet animals in it.
Mikail and Olivia’s Quiet Books
Mikail’s Quiet Book cover. All boy.

ABC Page and Colours Page. The xylophone colours are on velcro and come off to be matched back to their correct colour.

Barn Page: Barn doors open with a clasp. Inside are three finger puppet animals.  Football Page: practice tying.

Happy/Sad Page: smile can be turned upside down. Fastened with velcro.  Flower Pot Page: Flowers attached to string can be removed with button lady bugs.

Fish page: fish are fastened to the fish bowl hooks and eyes.  Life Jacket Page: Vest opens with buckles.

Road Page: There is a Hotwheels car in the brown garage that can be driven around the roads. The nozzle at the gas tank even comes loose to fill up the car.

Left/Right Hand practice: mittens to put little hands in. Traffic Light Page: colour matching. The colours are on velcro and come off to be rematched.

Numbers page. The fins of the fish have numbers on them and lift up to show the correct number of dots underneath. Shapes page: match the shapes. They are attached with snaps.

Zipper Ladybug: zipper practice, but there are also baby ladybugs inside.  Clock Page: practice time.

Counting with an ‘abacus’.
Olivia’s cover page. All girl.

Alphabet Page and Colours Page: Balloons come off and are matched to their corresponding colour. Fastened with velcro.

Counting flower page.Lift the petals to find the correct number of dots.  Shapes Page: Match the shapes to their partner. Fastened with snaps.

Dots under their number on the Counting Flower Page. This is also found on Mikail’s Fish Counting Page where you lift the fins to find the dots.

Clock Page: Practice telling time. Flower Pot Page: Practice buttoning the flowers.

Ballerina Page: Practice tying.  Ice Cream Cone Page: Big, Bigger, Biggest.

Road Page: A Hot Wheels car is in the brown garage and can be driven on the roads.

Noah’s Ark Page: Finger puppet animals. Happy/Sad Page: Turn that frown upside down.

Train page: The coal and straw come out of the train cars.

Traffic Light Page: Match the colours. Fastened with velcro.  Shirt Page: Open and close a clasp.

Counting Page: Move the beads on the abacus up and down.
Mikail and Opa playing with the Happy/Sad Page, making facial expressions to match the clowns face.

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